Envirotrol provides the security option that protects people, assets, and facilities with a unified security platform that blends video surveillance, access control, automatic license plate recognition, SIP communications, and smart video analytics within one solution. 

Security Center Onnicast

Security Center Omnicast is a video management system that gives you the means to effectively protect your people and assets. Beyond capturing reliable and usable evidence, it lets you see and understand your environment. 

Security Center Omnicast naturally fits with any hardware and supports the thousands of industry leading cameras, encoders, storage equipment, and senors of your choice. 

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Security Center AutoVu

The AutoVu automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) system captures and cross-reference license plate reads and matches alongside video footage of incidents, contextual images, and GPS information.

Know who's coming and going, Improve your awareness, A unified response are some of the pros from license plate recognition. 


Security Center Synergis

Security Center Synergis is an access control system that helps you find the right balance. Restrict access to critical or important areas, while allowing seamless movement elsewhere.

Synergis is both flexible and adaptable. It improves on traditional access control people models - that require proprietary hardware. 

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