ETROL360° is the primary interface to your Building Management System.  This graphical HMI is custom designed to meet the needs of each individual project and is completely customizable to match the needs and routines of your system operators.

One-click visibility gives you critical information about Air Management, Power Distribution, Environmental Conditions and Server Utilization through management dashboards that constantly provide information critical for achieving and maintaining peak efficiency.


Constant monitoring of UPS, CRAC/CRAH Units, Server Load, Energy Utilization, Wired and Wireless Temperature Sensors, Chilled Water Systems and Leak Detection functionality gives you the information you need when you need it, preventing costly down time and loss of revenue.


Multi-Site Data Collection allows easy incorporation of multiple facility locations and systems into one seamless and uniform interface.


Real-Time Data Collection shows potential trouble spots before they become real problems. The easy-to-use graphical interface enables easy drill down into each piece of equipment in order to quickly identify those areas requiring immediate attention.  Early corrective action is key to maintaining uninterrupted operations.  Optimizing critical sub-systems helps to ensure your equipment gets the power it needs to run at peak efficiency.


Designed by and for facility operators, ETROL360° features intuitive graphical navigation tools that are easy to learn and use.  Every component of the system was designed with facility operations in mind.  The entire system, including alarm classification and severity, can be easily customized and optimized to the individual needs of your facility.  Anyone with access to the system will have the ability to quickly and easily access critical facility information as necessary.