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Exertherm® 24x7 Thermal Monitoring


Exertherm is a system specifically designed to provide hotspot detection via Continuous 24x7 Thermal Monitoring of critical electrical connections predicting and identifying the exact location of the problem long before failure.


Exertherm comprises of small, plastic, Infrared, non-contact, non-powered sensors that provide a Delta T temperature measurement, and are permanently installed INSIDE electrical equipment to directly view, and continuously monitor the thermal condition of critical joints in energized electrical equipment. This new technology enables permanent, non-invasive detection of hotspots at an early stage of development; therefore avoiding potential downtime resulting from Arc Flash / power outage incidents.


Exertherm 24x7 Continuous Thermal Monitoring is a different and completely unique form of IR monitoring and is now being increasingly recognized & adopted as the new 'Best Practice' technology solution for mission critical facilities due to significant & tangible benefits over traditional thermal imaging technology.

  • Monitors 100% of the time instead of
    periodic 'snapshot' - typically 1 year per day

  • Direct line of sight via internally installed
    non-contact IR sensors

  • Integrated real-time data

  • Does not put operators at risk

  • No maintenance – fit & forget solution

Exertherm LoadMap™ Features & Benefits


  • A new predictive tool (patent pending) that will dynamically detect and identify compromised joints/terminations residing on circuits operating at low loads (typically below 40% of maximum design load)

  • Predicts the maximum load that can be safely applied to a circuit on which a compromised joint has been detected, irrespective of the load that is being applied to the circuit

  • Dynamically predicts the equivalent Delta T alarm threshold applicable at 100% load for any lower load being applied to the circuit

  • Will dynamically provide the maximum load that can be safely applied to a circuit at the ambient temperature in which the circuit resides

  • Will dynamically predict the ambient required to operate the circuit at any load up to 100% (or beyond)

  • LoadMap™ also accurately predicts maximum redundancy capacity and capability in N+1/2 facilities

  • As equipment ages & degenerates, it often has to be de-rated e.g. max 80%. This can be avoided via predictive thermal control of the ambient

Continuously protect your facility with Exertherm 24x7 Thermal Monitoring - The Next Technology Step...

Envirotrol is proud of the US Integrator Partnership and Certified Installer of the Exertherm product which expands our capabilities in monitoring your facility infrastructure. We believe Exertherm and the Loadmap capabilities will offer you the ability to move maintenance efforts from preventative to predictive and save you operational dollars while addressing important safety implications. Through our relationship, we are trusted to install and integrate this system into facilities coast to coast.

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