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Our Commercial Refrigeration team provides routine and preventative maintenance to significantly increase the lifespan and efficiency of your units.

From Maine lobster to pharmaceutical test kits, the product in the cooler is what matters the most. Delivering preventive maintenance and quick response with qualified technicians, we work to protect your equipment and inventory assets.


We offer service and installation for the refrigeration systems used in stores, laboratories, institutional and commercial kitchens. Let us help you conserve energy, increase reliability, and reduce refrigerant loss.


We can install, troubleshoot and repair every aspect of your Freon system, ranging from small commercial split systems to larger built-up systems.

» Emergency service by trained EPA Certified Technicians, 24 hours a day

» Service for all types of systems and refrigerants - Freon, glycol and CO2, high/medium/low               temperature, hot gas and electric defrost evaporation systems

» System replacements and modifications

» Refrigerant recovery and retrofit

» Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning, refrigerant level check, leak check and superheat check

» Hermetic and semi-hermetic compressor replacements

» Preventive maintenance programs for optimal performance and maximum reliability


Check out a few of our completed projects to see why our solutions exceed expectations


We have built relationships with partners that allow us to provide superior solutions


Call today to learn more about our capabilities and services to find the right solution for your facility

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